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College of Agriculture

Journal: 5246 items

Prize: 1501 items
Conference: 5431 items

Technology Report: 829 items
Book: 802 items

Project: 802 items
Biological Materials Energy Technology
Product Development: My Specialty
Farming in my heart, and you are welcome in the garden.
Sustainable Development of Forest Resources
Deeply Rooted in Your Heart
Aligning Livestock Production Practice with Research and Development
Guardian of Plant Health
Sustainable Green Ecological Materials
Food Science Research and Development
The Cornerstone of Agricultural Technology Development

College of Engineering

Journal: 4309 items

Prize: 1057 items
Conference: 7654 items

Technology Report: 987 items
Book: 263 items

Project: 263 items
Smart Agriculture: Evergreen Vitality
Mastering Materials, Harnessing Technology
Balancing Industry and Environmental Protection
Precision Machinery Green Energy Engineering
Aquaponics: Sustainable Farming
Disaster Prevention Vegetation Slope Conservation
Theoretical Learning, Practical Application

College of Management

Journal: 1683 items

Prize: 1284 items
Conference: 2777 items

Technology Report: 201 items
Book: 228 items

Project: 228 items
International Perspective and Character Cultivation
Focus on Research and Development as well as Management
Small-Scale Farm Economics and Local Marketing
Integrated Information Management Services
Automated Industrial Management
Management Talent, Technological Leap
Fashion Trends, Popular Design
Wholeheartedly Delivering Warmth
The Foundations for Financial Elite

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Journal: 2045 items

Prize: 1255 items
Conference: 2818 items

Technology Report: 305 items
Book: 655 items

Project: 655 items
Building a Technical Foundation, Gazing into the Future
Warm Hospitality, Humanistic Society
Committed to Serving the Community
National Health Coordination and Integration
Child Health Care and Education
Professional Faculty Training
Professionalization, Internationalization, Humanization

College of International Studies

Journal: 626 items

Prize: 79 items
Conference: 403 items

Technology Report: 33 items
Book: 48 items

Project: 48 items

College of Veterinary Medicine

Journal: 1455 items

Prize: 313 items
Conference: 2090 items

Technology Report: 138 items
Book: 169 items

Project: 169 items
Animal Medical and Research Talent
Animal Medical and Research Talent
The Only One Nationwide
International Alignment in Animal Disease Prevention and Control

College of Professional

Journal: 55 items

Prize: 35 items
Conference: 72 items

Technology Report: 4 items
Book: 3 items

Project: 3 items
Ecological Industry and Technological Agriculture

Research & Teaching Unit

Journal: 952 items

Prize: 357 items
Conference: 1043 items

Technology Report: 124 items
Book: 135 items

Project: 135 items
Aligning with the World
Strong Mind and Body
Research Innovation, Technological Pioneer
Humanization, Internationalization, Professionalization