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Symposium   *, Chang-Yue Chiang, Cheng-Ling Lee, Chien-Tsung Wang, Study of graphene oxide coupled with noble metal nanoparticle for refractive index sensor,


Symposium   Jian-Neng Wang*, Wu Wei-Te, , Po-Kai Wu, Jen-Fu Wang, A hybrid optical fiber/wireless monitoring system for permeable pavements,
Symposium   *, Chang-Yue Chiang, Hsu Yi-Cheng, Wu Wei-Te, Jian-Neng Wang, Chia-Chi Chiang, Study of Multimode Tapered Fiber Refractive Index Sensor,


Symposium   *, Wu Wei-Te, Jian-Neng Wang, Chang-Yue Chiang, Chin-Wei Wu, , Shan-Chien Chen, A Tapered Fiber Optic Particle Plasmon Resonance Sensor developed by an Electric Arc Discharge System,
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