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Journal   Tsai Hui-Yun, Yang Jia-Fang, Chen Hua-Han, You Fu-Nian, Zhao Yu-Jie, , Hsu Jue-Liang, Chang Chi-I, Chen Yu-Kuo*, The effect of hot water extract of tilapia on exercise capacity in mice,




Symposium   Yu-Jie Zhao, Chen Yu-Kuo, Chien-Hsing Chiang, Chih-Chiang Tsai, Hui-Yun Tsai*, 以動物模式探討黃金蜆對indomethacin誘導胃黏膜損傷的保護作用,
Symposium   Tzu-Yu Wang, Kun-Tai Huang, Chi-Tang Ho, Hui-Yun Tsai, Chen Yu-Kuo*, Effect of arginyl-fructosyl-glucose (AFG) on methylglyoxal-induced insulin resistance in HepG2 cells,
Symposium   Fang-Yu Lin, Han-Wei Liao, Yun-Xuan Zhang, Chung S. Yang, Chen Yu-Kuo, Hui-Yun Tsai*, In vivo study of the protective activity of α-tocotrienol against methylglyoxal-induced Alzheimer-like cognitive impairment,


Journal   Mao-Jung Lee, William Feng, Lu Yang, Chen Yu-Kuo, Eric Chi, Anna Liu, Chung S.Yang*, Methods for efficient analysis of tocopherols, tocotrienols and their metabolites in animal samples with HPLC-EC,


Symposium   Chien-Hua Huang, Yun-Xuan Zhang, Yi-Lin Zheng, Chen Yu-Kuo*, Study on the protective effects of tocotrienols in SH-SY5Y cells,
Journal   Yi-Hsing Chen, Chieh-Shan Wu, Ya-Husan Chao, Chi-Chen Lin, Hui-Yun Tsai, Yi-Rong Li, Yi-Zhen Chen, Wan-Hua Tsai, Chen Yu-Kuo*, Lactobacillus pentosus GMNL-77 inhibits skin lesions in imiquimod-induced psoriasis-like mice,
Journal   Ting-Wen Chung, Shih-Chao Lin, Jui-Hsin Su, Chen Yu-Kuo, Chi-Chien Lin, Hong-Lin Chan*, Sinularin induces DNA damage, G2/M phase arrest, and apoptosis in human hepatocellular carcinoma cells,
Journal   Ping-Yi Lin, Ching-Tsan Tsai, Wan-Ling Chuang, Ya-Hsuan Chao, I-Horng Pan, Chen Yu-Kuo, Chi-Chen Lin*, Bing-Yen Wang, Chlorella sorokiniana induces mitochondrial-mediated apoptosis in human non-small cell lung cancer cells and inhibits xenograft tumor growth in vivo,


Symposium   Hui-Yun Tsai, Jia-Lin Guo, Yi-Zhen Chen, Kun-Tai Huang, Yen-Chen Tung, Yung-Hsiang Lin, Chen Yu-Kuo*, The hepatoprotective effects of LiverGuard® on carbon tetrachloride-induced liver damage in rats,
Symposium   Chien-Hua Huang, Hui-Yun Tsai, Yun-Xuan Zhang, Yi-Lin Zheng, Yen-Chen Tung, Chien-Hsing Chiang, Chih-Chiang Tsai, Chen Yu-Kuo*, Protective effects of freshwater clam extract on indomethacin-induced damage in gastric epithelial RGM-1 cells.,
Journal   Yi-Ron Li, Shiming Li, Chi-Tang Ho, Ya-Han Chang, Kok-Tong Tan, Ting-Wen Chung, Bing-Yen Wang, Chen Yu-Kuo, Chi-Chen Lin*, Tangeretin derivative, 5-acetyloxy-6,7,8,4′-tetramethoxyflavone induces G2/M arrest, apoptosis and autophagy in human non-small cell lung cancer cells in vitro and in vivo,
Journal   Shin-Ping Lin, Yin-Hsuan Huang, Kai-Di Hsu, Ying-Jang Lai, Chen Yu-Kuo, Kuan-Chen Cheng*, Isolation and identification of cellulose-producing strain Komagataeibacter intermedius from fermented fruit juice,
Journal   Hua-Han Chen*, Hung-Chia Chang, Chen Yu-Kuo, Chien-Lun Hung, Su-Yi Lin, Yi-Sheng Chen, An improved process for high nutrition of germinated brown rice production: low-pressure plasma,
Journal   Chieh-Ting Chen, Kuan-I Chen, Hsin-Han Chiang, Chen Yu-Kuo, Kuan-Chen Cheng*, Improvement on physical properties of pullulan films by novel cross-linking strategy,


Journal   Yi-Rong Li, Der-Yuan Chen, Ching-Liang Chu, Shiming Li, Chen Yu-Kuo, Wu Chao-Liang, Chi-Chen Lin*, Naringenin inhibits dendritic cell maturation and has therapeutic effects in a murine model of collagen-induced arthritis,


Symposium   Yi-Zhen Chen, Hsin-Lan Yang, Yin-Bo Chen, Jia-Jia Liu, Hua-Han Chen, Chi-Chen Lin, Chen Yu-Kuo*, The inhibitory effects of various extracts of Gaillardia pulchella on cell growth of human hepatoma Hep3B cells,
Symposium   Chen Yu-Kuo, Anna B. Liu, Mao-Jung Lee, Hong Wang, Connie Cheung, Chung S. Yang*, Inhibition effect of vitamin E δ-tocotrienol on PhIP/DSSinduced colon carcinogenesis in CYP1A-humanized mice,
Journal   Chi-Chen Lin*, Hua-Han Chen, Chen Yu-Kuo, Hung-Chia Chang, Ping-Yi Lin, I-Hong Pan, Der-Yuan Chen, Chuan-Mu Chen, Su-Yi Lin, Rice bran feruloylated oligosaccharides activate dendritic cells via Toll-like receptor 2 and 4 signaling,
Journal   Chen Yu-Kuo, Hsin-Chieh Wang, Chi-Tang Ho, Hsin-Yu Chen, Shiming Li, Hong-Lin Chan, Ting-Wen Chung, Kok-Tong Tan, Yi-Ron Li, Chi-Chen Lin*, 5-Demethylnobiletin promotes the formation of polymerized tubulin, leads to G2/M phase arrest and induces autophagy via JNK activation in human lung cancer cells,
Journal   Chen Yu-Kuo, Anna Liu, Mao-Jung Lee, Hong Wang, Connie Cheung, Chung S. Yang*, Inhibition effect of vitamin E δ-tocotrienol on PhIP/DSSinduced colon carcinogenesis in CYP1A-humanized mice,


Symposium   Yi-Ting Kuo, Pei-Tzu Ho, Jia-Jia Liu, Shiming Li, Chi-Tang Ho, Chen Yu-Kuo*, 3′-Hydroxypterostilbene, a natural pterostilbene analogue, induces apoptosis in human hepatoma Hep3B cells,
Symposium   Hui-Yun Tsai, Jia-Jia Liu, Yin-Bo Chen, Shiming Li, Chi-Tang Ho, Chen Yu-Kuo*, The inhibitory effects of 3′-hydroxypterostilbene on human prostate cancer cells,
Symposium   Chen Yu-Kuo*, Connie Cheung, Kenneth R. Reuhl, Anna Ba Liu, Mao-Jung Lee, Yao-Ping Lu, Chung S. Yang, Effects of green tea polyphenol EGCG on high-fat/Western-style diet-induced obesity and metabolic syndrome in mice,
Symposium   Chen Yu-Kuo*, Anna Ba Liu, Mao-Jung Lee, Hong Wang, Connie Cheung, Chung S. Yang, Dietary δ-tocotrienol inhibits colon carcinogenesis in CYP1A-humanized mice,
Journal   Yun-Ju Chen, Chieh-Shan Wu, Jeng-Jer Shieh, Jyh-Horng Wu, Hsing-Yu Chen, Ting-Wen Chung, Chen Yu-Kuo, Chi-Chen Lin*, Baicalein triggers mitochondria-mediated apoptosis and enhances the anti-leukemic effect of vincristine in childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia CCRF-CEM cells,


Symposium   Chen Yu-Kuo, Mao-Jung Lee, Fei Guan, Guangxun Li, Anna Ba Liu, Chung S. Yang*, Analysis of tocopherols and their metabolites for cancer prevention studies,
Symposium   Chen Yu-Kuo, Ching-Shu Lai, Min-Hsiung Pan, Hsiao-Chi Wang, Chi-Tang Ho, Shengmin Sang, Lee-Yan Sheen*, 6-Shogaol, an active ingredient of dietary ginger, inhibits in vitro and in vivo growth of human hepatoma Hep3B cells,
Journal   Hua-Han Chen*, Chen Yu-Kuo, Hung-Chia Chang, Su-Yi Lin, Immunomodulatory effects of xylooligosaccharides,
Journal   Hsin-Yu Fang, Chen Yu-Kuo, Hua-Han Chen*, Su-Yi Lin, Yi-Ting Fang, Immunomodulatory effects of feruloylated oligosaccharides from rice bran,
Journal   Fei Guan, Guangxun Li, Anna Ba Liu, Mao-Jung Lee, Zhihong Yang, Chen Yu-Kuo, Yong Lin, Weichung Shih, Chung S. Yang*, δ- and γ-tocopherols, but not α-tocopherol, inhibit colon carcinogenesis in azoxymethane-treated F344 rats,
Journal   Chung S. Yang*, Huanyu Jin, Fei Guan, Chen Yu-Kuo, Hong Wang, Cancer preventive activities of tea polyphenols,
Journal   Amanda K. Smolarek, Jae Young So, Brenda Burgess, Ah-Ng Tony Kong, Kenneth Reuhl, Yong Lin, Weichung Joe Shih, Guangxun Li, Mao-Jung Lee, Chen Yu-Kuo, Chung S. Yang, Nanjoo Suh*, Dietary administration of δ- and γ-tocopherol inhibits tumorigenesis in the animal model of estrogen receptor-positive, but not HER-2 breast cancer,


Journal   Shin Lu, Jih-Jou Chen, Chen Yu-Kuo, Cheng-yi Lii, Phoency Lai, Hua-Han Chen*, Water mobility, rheological and textural properties of rice starch gel,


Journal   Yang Zhao, Mao-Jung Lee, Connie Cheung, Ji-Hyeung Ju, Chen Yu-Kuo, Ba Liu, Long-Qin Hu, Chung S. Yang*, Analysis of multiple metabolites of tocopherols and tocotrienols in mice and humans,
Journal   Guang-Xun Li, Chen Yu-Kuo, Zhe Hou, Hang Xiao, Huanyu Jin, Gary Lu, Mao-Jung Lee, Ba Liu, Fei Guan, Zhihong Yang, Albert Yu, Chung S.Yang*, Pro-oxidative activities and dose-response relationship of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate in the inhibition of lung cancer cell growth: a comparative study in vivo and in vitro,
Journal   Gang Lu, Hang Xiao, Guang-Xun Li, Sonia C. Picinich, Chen Yu-Kuo, Anna Liu, Mao-Jung Lee, Shea Loy, Chung S. Yang*, A gamma-tocopherolrich mixture of tocopherols inhibits chemically induced lung tumorigenesis in A/J mice and xenograft tumor growth,