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Symposium   Hsu, Y.-R., Yang, W.-C., Lin, K.-Y., Wu, Y.-X., Lin, Chang-Sheng*, Liu, Jui-Kai, Modal-parameter identification of axisymmetric structures,
Symposium   Hsu, Chuan-Hsing, Chiang, Hung-Tse, Lin, Chang-Sheng*, Liu, Jui-Kai, Bai, Chi-Jeng, Chen Chun-Da, Strength and Vibration Analysis for Bladed Disks of Blast Furnace Top Gas Recovery Turbine,
Journal   Lin, Chang-Sheng*, Chiang, Hung-Tse, Hsu, Chuan-Hsing, Lin, Ming-Hsien, Liu, Jui-Kai, Bai, Chi-Jeng, Modal Verification and Strength Analysis of Rotor Bladed Disks of Turbine in Rated Working Conditions,
Journal   Lin, Chang-Sheng*, Yu, Chang-Chen, Ciou, Yue-Hao, Wu, Yi-Xiu, Hsu, Chuan-Hsing, Li, Yi-Ting, Design and Analysis of a Light Electric Vehicle,



Symposium   Hung-Tse Chiang, Han-Ming Chen, Yung-Tai Lin, Lin, Chang-Sheng*, Modal Coupling Analysis of Brake Discs,



Symposium   Wu, Z.-L., Lin, Chang-Sheng*, Tsai Chien-Hsiung, Liu, W.-Y., Li, M.-H., Huang, Y.-K., Chen, F.-A., Yu, N.-H., 汽車用空氣濾清器模型驗證,
Symposium   Jyun-Yan Chuang*, Yu-Tsun Cheng, Chien-Kuang Kuan, I-Ching Sheng, Zong-Da Tsai, I-Chen Yang, Lin, Chang-Sheng, The Construction and Development of Safety and Control for Interlock System in TPS Front End,


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